Tungsten Putty

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DerbyWorx Tungsten Putty

MSRP: $7.95 | Part #: DWXTP01

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1 ounce of mouldable Tungsten Putty.

Derby Worx Tungsten Putty is formulated to be the richest tungsten blend available for greater weights in a smaller piece. This heavy putty is moldable and shapeable to any cavity or design feature on your Pinewood Derby Car allowing weight to be easily and safely added or adjusted when building your Pinewood Derby Racer. On race day, Tungsten Putty is a quick weight solution during check-in to get your car exactly on the 5 ounce mark for maximum performance.


NOTE:  Derby Worx Tungsten Putty comes in it’s own re-sealable plastic tub for safe storage .