About Us

Bill Launius Jr.I have always been fascinated by Pinewood Derby Racing! From the time my neighbor came home with his first kit, I could not wait until I was old enough to join the Cub Scouts so I could build a car too. So when I became a Cub Scout in the fall of 1975 my Dad and I went to the local scout shop to pick up a kit and get an early start on the car; we just couldn’t wait for that race! That car was gold and black, and it was the coolest car ever because my dad and I built it. As cool as it was, it was also fast, faster than everyone’s that year. But little did I know in 1975 what would eventually happen.

As the years went by we were involved with many derby cars. Several were mine, but others belonged to cousins, neighbors and friends that we helped over the years. When my son, Trey, became a Cub Scout it was even more exciting than ever. With the information age in full swing and the Internet starting to contain pinewood derby information, we could see there was a thirst for more racing information and supplies. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many talented people and through my own racing have learned and acquired many skills and tools. It was at this point I realized that the key points of Pinewood Derby Racing in most cases could not be done by most people without access to at least a simple machine shop and some knowledge of tools and fixtures. It was at this point the Pro Hub Tool, Pro Body Tool and Pro Axle Press were born and used to help my son win his Derby as a Tiger Cub. The following year I shared this information with Randy Davis of www.Maximum-Velocity.com, who after his testing agreed that I was onto something and became Derby Worx’s very first customer. Today, he is not only a great customer, but an inspiration to us in outstanding customer service.

Derby Worx Inc. Pinewood Derby® Tool and Speed Supply Company is my family’s full time work and passion, With over 50 different Pinewood Derby items, ranging from our patented tools to help you and your child build an awesome car together, to our record setting Nascar design inspired speed wheels and axles that are all proudly made in the U.S.A., to our complete line of specialty tungsten weights that is made beautifully crafted for fit, finish and maximum weight, Derby Worx is the leader in Pinewood Derby Speed and Performance. But still our main focus is on helping parent and child teams do their very best, working together to build cars that are highly competitive with even the most tool and equipment savvy family. With our patented derby specialty tools and Trademark Rail Rider® alignment process we simplify wheel alignment and greatly increase the speed and performance of any racer AND are B.S.A. approved. Our You- Tube videos youtube.com/derbyworx will walk the builders through every step from getting a good square aligned body, preparing wheels and axles to the finished aligned product. If you are looking for even more Pinewood Derby tips, tricks and answers, log into our Derby Worx Pro Board discussion forum which contains thousands of Pinewood derby related topics from myself and some of the best derby car builders in the country at: http://pinewoodp.proboards.com/ or feel free to contact us at: Racerx@Derbyworx.com or one of our authorized dealers: find an authorized dealer for any of your derby needs.

The 2018/2019 Pinewood Derby season marks our 18th year and I am as excited this season as I was for that first race many years ago. But the real success of Derby Worx is driven by YOU our customer. The e-mails and pic’s from your Pinewood Derby successes inspire us. You have accepted our products from the very beginning and are very helpful with everything from tool applications to improvements and new ideas. Thank You and have a great Pinewood Derby Experience.


Bill Launius Jr.
Derby Worx, Inc.