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Body Block preparation is the foundation of a FAST Pinewood Derby Car and the Pro-Body Tool 2 is designed to accurately straighten existing axle slots or create new axle mounting holes. By using only a hand drill and the correct sized #44 drill bit provided, The Pro Body Tool 2 is easy for anyone to use and designed to work on BSA and Pine Car Pinewood Derby Car kits.

The Pro-Body tool will improve the speed of your pinewood derby car by:

  1. Axle Slot Preparation: For kits with axle slots, the Pro-Body Tool ensures accurate axle positioning by allowing you to drill accurate axle pilot holes into the existing axle slots with a hand drill!. The pilot holes ensure that the axles are mounted square and true on the car. Improved axle mounting accuracy equals greater speed!
  2. Axle Hole Drilling: For races which allow axle holes, the Pro-Body tool serves as a guide for drilling accurate axle holes with a hand drill. Again, improved axle mounting accuracy equals greater speed!
  3. Raised Wheel Option: The Pro Body Tool 2 has a added hole for accurately drilling a front axle in the raised position and running on 3 wheels for added friction reduction.
  4. Axle Hole Re-drilling: For kits with the screw and 3/8″ dowel rod axle system, the Pro-Body Tool (Model 5148) allows you to accurately re-drill the axle pilot holes.

When using nail-type axles, the Pro-Axle Press and Pro-Body tool work together to make a well-aligned and smooth rolling car.


The Pro-Body Tool is designed to accurately straighten existing axle slots or create new axle holes Using a hand drill on BSA and PineCar kits. The required #44 drill bit is included.

  1. Test fit the Pro-Body tool on the bottom of the block with the two “ears” positioned on the sides of the block. If the tool will not fit onto the block, use coarse grit sandpaper to reduce the width of the block until the tool fits snuggly. If the tool is loose,tighten the fit by placing a piece of paper-folded as needed between one ear of tool and the block.

To create Pilot Holes in Axle Slots

  1. Use a square to draw a straight line on one side of the car starting at the middle of the Axle slot, and extending to the top of the car. (Or measure the distance from one end of the block to the middle of an axle slot and transfer that measurement to the top-side of the block. Then use a ruler to draw a line from that measurement to the center of the axle slot).
  2. Repeat step 1 for the other slot.

To Create New Axle Holes

  1. Measure and mark the desired position of the new axle holes on one side of the block. Extend the mark from the bottom of the block to the top of the block using a square (or measure and mark near the bottom of the block and near the top of the block, and then join the line with a pencil and ruler). Holes for extended wheelbase are typically positioned 5/8″ from the end of the block.
  2. Repeat step 1 for the other end of the block.

Position the Tool

  • Position the tool on the bottom of the car with two “ears” on the sides of the block. Align the index mark with the line on the block. Clamp the tool in place.
  • Hold the block firmly, position the drill bit in the hole, and slowly drill ¾” into the block.
  • Without releasing the clamp,turn the tool and block over, and drill the second hole.
  • Repeat steps 4 to 5 for the other 2 holes.

Technical Data

The Pro Body Tool is designed as a drilling aid to help create correctly placed axle holes on the body or correct mis-aligned slots in stock blocks when rules require their use.

  1. The Pro Body Tool easily places the axle holes perpendicular to the center-line of the car and ensures parallelism in the axles front to rear. This helps insure correct tracking of the car and aids in alignment.
  2. The Pro Body Tool locates all of the axle holes at the same height on the body which helps ensure the car is sitting square to the track, for a equally balanced car left to right and an aid in alignment.
  3. The Pro Body Tool helps guide the thin #44 drill bit required to drill axle holes preventing deflection for a more accurate job. This is something that can not be done with a drill press plus due to the clearance required in the quill assembly in most hobbyist and home use drill presses to make the press work, there will most likely be some run-out in the drill chuck, this makes the Pro Body tool the most accurate choice plus only a hand drill is required for the job.
  4. The Pro Body Tool reduces friction!!! By correctly placing the axles in the body a builder will not have to bend or tweak the axles to get the car to run straight (this is the perfect foundation for the best possible Rail Rider™. By getting the axle placements in the correct position the builder will have to make minimal adjustments to get the desired alignment and prevent “Cross-Binding” in the car. This is where it takes excessive corrections in opposite directions to get a car to run straight or be a Rail Rider™, while the car is going in the correct direction excessive load points have been created at friction points, the Pro Body Tool will prevent this.

Additional Information

  • MSRP: $13.50
  • Patent #: 6,904,694
  • UPC: 730176145334
  • Part #: DWXPBT02
  • BSA Part #: 610794

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