Pro Axle Press

The Pro Axle Press is a precision C.N.C. machined tool designed to straightening and help correctly shape all nail style axles found in Pinewood Derby Car kits.  All Pinewood Derby Kit Axles are not created equal and until they are all shaped correctly, achieving the desired alignment for maximum speed is almost impossible. By pressing them straight and tapering the axle head, you are many steps closer to a high performance racing part.

The Pro-Axle Press will improve the speed of your pinewood derby car by performing three critical procedures on nail type axles:

  1. Axle Straightening: Ensures accurate wheel tracking by creating absolutely straight axles. Improved wheel tracking equals greater speed!
  2. Axle Rounding: Ensures accurate wheel rotation by creating absolutely round axle shafts. Improved wheel rotation equals greater speed!
  3. Head Squaring: Ensures proper wheel rotation by squaring the axle head to the axle shaft. Improved wheel rotation equals greater speed!
  4. Head Tapering: The recessed side of the tool is designed to re-shape the axle head, further reducing contact with the wheel and reducing friction.

And an added bonus:

  1. Raised Wheel and Alignment Adjustments: When it is necessary to purposely bend an axle (to raise a front wheel or make an alignment adjustment), the Pro-Axle Press serves as a handy clamping device for holding the axle while making the bend.

When using nail-type axles, the Pro-Axle Press and Pro-Body tool work together to make a well-aligned and smooth rolling car.

Note: The Pro-Axle Press was designed and tested for use on BSA and PineCar nail-type axles. It may also be suitable for nail axles from other kits. The press is not intended for use with rod-type (Awana) or screw-type (Royal Rangers) axles.


The Pro-Axle Press is designed to straighten and round the nail axles used in many pinewood derby car kits. Accurate axles lead to faster racing!

  1. Insert an axle into the chuck of a drill, and use a file to remove the burr under the nail head, and any crimp marks on the axle shaft.
  2. With a marking pen, make a mark on the edge of the axle head.
  3. Fully insert the axle – point first – into the Pro-Axle Press. Rotate the axle head such that the mark is located at the top (12 o’clock), and close the press.
  4. Place the Pro-Axle Press on a solid surface, hold it in place, and strike the top of the press 4-6 times with a hammer. Don’t strike too hard – medium strikes are fine.
  5. Open the press and repeat steps 3 and 4 with the mark at the 4 o’clock position
  6. Open the press and repeat steps 3 and 4 with the mark at the 8 o’clock position
  7. After the last strike at the 8 o’clock position, lay the press on its back (axle head upward) and strike the axle head 2-4 times. This ensures that the axle head is square to the axle shaft.
  8. Repeat for the other three axles, and then polish the axles to the desired finish.

Racer’s Tip: To accurately bend an axle for alignment or for a raised wheel, insert the axle into the Pro-Axle Press with the head extended 3/8 inch from the tool. Place the Pro-Axle Press in a clamp or vise. Gently tap the axle with the hammer until the desired bend is achieved.

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  • MSRP: $17.95
  • Patent #: 7,836,740
  • UPC: 73017670107
  • Part #: DWXPAT01
  • BSA Part #: 17010

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