Pro Body Slotter

The Pro Body Slotter is the first tool of it’s kind for Pinewood Derby™ racing.  It’s unique design allows new/accurate slots to be cut in the body block to help meet the demand of the often required “Axles in the Slot” rule. New slots can be cut to replace improperly cut factory slots, re-locate the wheel base for increased speed or custom design requirements or even by add slots to both sides of the block,  the block can be cut in half to make a second car.  When paired with a “Pro Axle Guide” perfect axle installation and wheel spacing are a snap in the newly cut slots giving a highly accurate “Axle in Slot” assembly for maximum performance.


  1. Simply mark the body block for the desired location of the new axle slots with a pencil and small carpenters square or ruler.
  2. Install the tool over block and align the location marks on the tool with the marks on the block for the new slots. Snug the set screw to hold the Pro Body Slotter in place with the provided hex wrench.
  3. Using a standard hack-saw with 2 blades (24 teeth per inch) inserted in opposite directions, place the blade into the machined slot in the tool and gently saw back and forth until the bottom of the tool is reached.

*** saw and  2 / 24 teeth per inch blades required ***

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Additional Information

  • MSRP: $16.95
  • Patent #: Pending
  • Part #: DWXPBS01
  • BSA Part #: 620407

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