Pro Hub Shaver

The Pro Hub Shaver is a Specialty Tool designed to prepare the outer hub face of a Pinewood Derby Car Wheel by lightly shaving off any molding marks or minor imperfections that may promote friction. On B.S.A. wheels, the Pro Wheel Shaver will remove the step perfectly for reduced friction and improved performance.

Benefits of the Pro Hub Shaver:

  1. Insures accurate rotation by squaring the outer wheel hub to the wheel bore for proper mounting on the Pro-Wheel Mandrel.
  2. Improves wheel hub to axle head contact by eliminating flaws on the outer wheel hub.

Note: The Pro Hub Shaver is intended for use on BSA and Pine Car wheels. It is not intended for use on wheels by other manufacturer.

Technical Data

This tool allows the builder to correct flaws in the outer wheel hub, making it parallel to the inner hub and improve tracking of the car. The Pro Hub Shaver is an attachment that can easily be added to the Pro Hub Tool.

  1. The outer hub under the axle head on most wheels is an area, which there has been no good way to correct or polish, the Pro Hub Shaver will allow the builder to remove any high spots in this area that will allow the wheel to not kick when it makes contact with the axle head which in turn will help keep the car tracking straighter.
  2. By truing the outer hub, this will allow the builder to accurately mount the wheel in reverse on the Pro Mandrel and get accurate results like using the Pro Hub Tool. This way the builder can perform any wheel performance tasks they prefer.


The Pro Hub Shaver is designed to square the outer hub on a BSA or Pine Car wheel with the wheel bore. This ensures proper mounting on the Pro-Wheel Mandrel,and eliminates any flaws on the outer hub.

  1. Remove the protective cap from the square end of the Pro-Hub Tool, then test fit each wheel by sliding it onto the pin. If the wheel bore is too small for the tool,use steady hand pressure and a twisting motion to work the wheel onto the tool. Remove the wheel and repeat 3 times.
  2. Slide the Pro Hub Shaver onto the pin of the Pro-Hub Tool with the cutting edge outwards. To minimize the risk of a hand injury,leave the protective cap on the coned end of the Pro-Hub Tool.
  3. Place a wheel onto the pin of the tool,spoke-side first.
  4. With one hand hold the Pro-Hub Tool and the Pro Hub Shaver,and with the other hand press the wheel against the tool. Rotate the wheel three complete revolutions.
  5. Check the outer hub and repeat if needed. But avoid cutting too deep into the wheel.

Repeat steps 3-5 for the other wheels.

NOTE: The Pro Hub Tool is required with the Pro Hub Shaver.

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Additional Information

  • MSRP: $8.95
  • Patent Pending
  • UPC: 730176145365
  • Part #: DWXPHS01
  • BSA Part #: 610797

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